A look back at Year One

Brian Brown, ReporterThe year was 1980. American athletes missed the summer Olympics in the Soviet Union. The Iran hostage crisis was regularly featured in the nightly news – on three network channels – and classics such as “Caddyshack” and “The Empire Strikes Back” were on the big screen. Continue reading ‘A look back at Year One’

My Day with the Ad Man

Brian Brown, Reporter

Michael Stelzer is a pretty interesting dude. Yes, “dude” is informal, but after spending a day following him around, it somehow feels like a fitting tag.

Continue reading ‘My Day with the Ad Man’

Allegiant delay underscores traveler vulnerability

Brian Brown, ReporterI recently conducted my first interview from Orlando, Fla.

It happened on March 2 after about seven hours of waiting in the Orlando-Sanford International Airport. My family and several members of my wife’s extended family had been on vacation visiting three Disney parks and Universal Studios. I woke up around 5:30 a.m. because we planned to arrive at the airport – some 50 miles away from our hotel – between 7 and 7:30 a.m. for an 9:15 a.m. flight home. Continue reading ‘Allegiant delay underscores traveler vulnerability’

It’s a no-go for Trader Joe’s

Brian Brown, Reporter

Dispelling rumors can be tricky business.

A person hears something from someone who knows somebody else and so maybe there’s a story. Continue reading ‘It’s a no-go for Trader Joe’s’

Toasty hemp seeds meet Askinosie’s chocolate

Brian Brown, Reporter

On June 24, Springfield-based Askinosie Chocolate announced a new ingredient combination that could turn a few hungry heads: a dark chocolate and toasted hemp bar. Continue reading ‘Toasty hemp seeds meet Askinosie’s chocolate’

My Day with the Media Man

Brian Brown, ReporterFor decades, national radio personality Paul Harvey was known for producing his famous “The Rest of the Story” segments.

His folksy observations and magnetic timbre would always draw me in if I was lucky enough to catch him on the radio. Continue reading ‘My Day with the Media Man’

School spending blues settling in

Brian Brown, Reporter
One sad fact remains as true today as it was when I was a child: Summer does not last forever. Though, I must admit, I am sad about it ending for different reasons these days.

A quick glance at my calendar reminded me of the early start for Springfield Public Schools, which is scheduled to kick off the 2012-2013 school year Aug. 15. Already, I’ve heard my wife mutter a few dirty words around the house – words such as “shoes, backpacks and jeans.”

Continue reading ‘School spending blues settling in’

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