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Hotel icon waxes philosophical on service

Brian Brown, ReporterBKD Wealth Advisors paid $10,000 per hour to get advice from the former president of Ritz-Carlton Hotels. This week, I got 10 minutes from him for free. Continue reading ‘Hotel icon waxes philosophical on service’


A Farewell to the Business Journal

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ Web EditorNote: This originally ran in SBJ’s June 21 issue.

Five and a half years don’t seem long in the grand scheme of things.

We’ve only changed presidents once, only changed governors once, and the Cardinals only won the World Series once. (Sorry to my editor, Eric Olson, the diehard Cubs fan – I couldn’t resist.)

And in five and a half years, I’ve never changed employers. Until now.

Continue reading ‘A Farewell to the Business Journal’

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