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My Day with the Mayor

Zach Smith, ReporterI can’t say I knew what to expect for my first Day in the Life feature at Springfield Business Journal, although the concept seemed pretty straightforward: spend a day with real estate agent and Branson Mayor Karen Best. I had interviewed a few mayors before, but hadn’t really “shadowed” anyone since my junior year of high school. Maybe not knowing what to expect was, pardon the pun, best. Continue reading ‘My Day with the Mayor’

Branson prank a boon or bust?

Geoff Pickle, Web EditorI don’t mind a practical joke.

There were a few pulled at Springfield Business Journal’s office April 1, and one in particular had me guffawing.

But when it comes to the Richard Branson/city of Branson prank on March 31, I tend to feel like it could cause more harm than good – at least to Branson Airport. Continue reading ‘Branson prank a boon or bust?’

My Day with the PGA Tourney Organizer

Eric Olson, SBJ EditorWorking for self-made businessman, conservationist and visionary John Morris often puts you in the middle of the improbable. So it is with Kirk Elmquist. Continue reading ‘My Day with the PGA Tourney Organizer’

PGA, Bass Pro talking sponsorships in Branson

Eric Olson, SBJ EditorIt looks as though sponsorship negotiations between the PGA and Bass Pro Shops have come to an agreeable conclusion.

Continue reading ‘PGA, Bass Pro talking sponsorships in Branson’

Sign of times stops Branson traffic

Eric Olson, SBJ EditorHow’s this for a sign of the times? The city of Branson this summer installed two solar-powered stop signs.

Continue reading ‘Sign of times stops Branson traffic’

Branson: Home of America’s Best Restroom

Dee Dee Jacobs, SBJ Web EditorWho would’ve thought a bathroom could garner so much attention?

The Shoji Tabuchi Theatre in Branson is once again in the spotlight for its public restrooms. Continue reading ‘Branson: Home of America’s Best Restroom’

Confessions of a Game Show Junkie

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ ReporterMy name is Jeremy, and I love game shows.

It sounds like the beginning of a 12-step program, but it’s the truth.

Continue reading ‘Confessions of a Game Show Junkie’

Whitaker Publishing heads to Branson

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ ReporterWhitaker Publishing is adding a sixth magazine to its growing list of publications.

Continue reading ‘Whitaker Publishing heads to Branson’

Trim the Fat: Branson group wins big with 931-pound loss

Maria Hoover, SBJ Features EditorMaria’s weight update: -2.2 pounds; total: -10.4 pounds

For those who are trying to lose weight, watching others progress on the same journey can have one of two effects: jealousy or motivation. Because I think jealousy is an unhealthy emotion, I try always to look for the motivation and the lessons that can come from others’ successes on the journey to better health.

When I learned that a group of 44 people in Branson lost a combined 931 pounds during Hometown Radio’s Lighten Up for Life Challenge Two, which ended this month, I was intrigued.

Continue reading ‘Trim the Fat: Branson group wins big with 931-pound loss’

Branson Airport’s big reveal

Eric Olson, SBJ EditorThe climactic revelation of the airline company that will serve Branson Airport in May will take place Thursday morning at 10. Airport officials have released to the media their plans to name the national carrier this week.

“You won’t want to miss it,” says Gene Conrad, the airport’s deputy director of marketing and air service development. “And bring a camera.”

Continue reading ‘Branson Airport’s big reveal’

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