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The death of a muscle car legend

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ Reporter Fans of the GTO, the Firebird, the Bonneville, the Grand Am and “wide-track design” are mourning today.

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The way to an investor’s heart …

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ ReporterFor the numerous investors who lost money to convicted Ponzi scheme perpetrator Bernard Madoff, finally some good news.

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What was Fed chairman’s message?

Matt Wagner, SBJ ReporterIn a taped interview aired Sunday night, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told CBS’ “60 Minutes” that the recession would “probably” end this year if the federal government’s efforts to reinforce the country’s banking system are successful.

Color me cynical, but I didn’t find Bernanke’s comments particularly newsworthy – or reassuring, for that matter.

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Stop the Madness!

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ ReporterBusiness owners: You may not have to worry this year about how the impending college basketball tournament – “March Madness” – will affect your employees’ productivity.

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A strong financial day

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ ReporterWith all the negative news that could be written about the economy right now (just Google “Dow 5000” and you’ll see what I mean), it’s nice to be able to toss out some positive economic news.

So here goes.

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Personal savings rate increases

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ ReporterDoctors have told us for years that we need to eat healthier, and bankers have told us for years that we need to be saving for a rainy day.

Well, Americans may not be eating any better (if obesity rates are any indication), but it looks like we’re finally starting to save our pennies.

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Ads favor humor, flash over reality

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ ReporterMaybe it was a concerted effort to avoid the touchy topic of the current job market, but two of the Internet’s biggest job sites – and – chose to use their precious Super Bowl ad time to target viewers who have jobs but may be unhappy.
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