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Which country provides the best Netflix experience?

Geoff Pickle, Web EditorNetflix’s home country is far from the most desirable place to use the TV and movie streaming service, according to the company’s own projections. Continue reading ‘Which country provides the best Netflix experience?’

Netflix index sheds light on ISP speeds

Geoff Pickle, Web EditorHow can one go about watching episodes of “Mad Men” more quickly? How about the upcoming, Netflix-only release of the fourth season of “Arrested Development” when it hits the Web on May 26?

Well, you could hope Google throws you a bone. Continue reading ‘Netflix index sheds light on ISP speeds’

Springfield goes viral with two recent videos

Brian Brown, ReporterTwo rather compelling videos made in Springfield have gone viral and garnered national attention. Continue reading ‘Springfield goes viral with two recent videos’

Bing It On Google

Geoff Pickle, Web EditorIn an advertising campaign reminiscent of the Pepsi Challenge taste test, Microsoft has taken on Google in a battle of the search engines. Continue reading ‘Bing It On Google’

New MSU Web site a reminder of larger changes at work

Geoff Pickle, Web Editor

When I logged on to the Missouri State University Web site Aug. 10, I found a completely reworked design in front of my eyes.

It came as a surprise to me and my coworkers, which is not entirely unsurprising considering the quiet nature of the new site rollout.
Continue reading ‘New MSU Web site a reminder of larger changes at work’

Elegy to a News Legend

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ Web EditorThere aren’t many people that could cause current and past presidents, music legends, TV stars and astronauts to gather together in one room.

Walter Cronkite did.

Continue reading ‘Elegy to a News Legend’

A week of Web management under my belt

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ Web EditorMy mission: to boldly go where only one other person has gone before …

OK, so it doesn’t have the same ring as the classic Star Trek intro, but I feel as if I’ve entered an alien universe with my new job as Springfield Business Journal’s Web editor.

Continue reading ‘A week of Web management under my belt’

The Million-Word March

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ ReporterAs a self-professed linguaphile, a story posted on today intrigued me.

Apparently, the English language added its millionth word early this morning.

Continue reading ‘The Million-Word March’

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