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Heer’s and HUD: Why Oct. 6 is a big deal (and five other things you didn’t know about Heer’s)

Jennifer Muzinic, SBJ ReporterI grew up cheering for Chicago sports teams. Which means even when we’re up by seven in the ninth inning – just for example – I’m holding my breath, ready for my team to blow it. Springfield residents, if you think about it, you’ve walked in my shoes. Consider the redevelopment of the Heer’s building.

Every time an announcement is made about Heer’s moving forward, it seems as if most people in Springfield are pointedly holding their breath. At the Aug. 23 City Council meeting, developer Kevin McGowan outlined what could be the final, $3 million, hole in the Heer’s financing package. Another timeline also was given: McGowan has until Oct. 6 to file an application for an U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development-backed loan. This time, the players involved say, it’s serious.

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They say it, we print it, that’s history

Eric Olson, SBJ EditorThe current issue of Springfield Business Journal reveals my picks for the top quotes published in our pages this year.

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