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The first lady in the Queen City

Emily Letterman, Features Editor
When the official hashtag for the day is #FLOTUSsgf, you know it’s going to be a long day in the office.

I first “met” Michelle Obama when she introduced then presidential candidate Barack Obama before a crowd of more than 10,000 supporters at Parkview High School during his 2008 campaign stop. Continue reading ‘The first lady in the Queen City’

Politics on the brain

Brian Brown, ReporterNow that both the Republican and Democratic national conventions have wrapped up and leaders of both parties say they are poised to shape the country’s future, it seems like an appropriate time to take a quick look at the current business and political landscape. Continue reading ‘Politics on the brain’

‘You’re from Joplin’

David Mink, JTBJ ReporterI’m from Joplin.

A year ago today, I was in my home with my wife and our two small children, staying dry on a stormy Sunday and marveling at the strength of the wind and rain across the rooftops of my neighbors’ houses. Half a mile to the northwest, a tornado was touching down, and in the next half hour it would cut a swath through my community – my hometown – that would change our world forever. Continue reading ‘‘You’re from Joplin’’

Obama meets Zuckerberg in Facebook townhall

Geoff Pickle, Web Editor

What better place for a show of transparency than the Web? Continue reading ‘Obama meets Zuckerberg in Facebook townhall’

Publishing History

Aaron Scott, SBJ Editorial Photographer & DesignerOn Tuesday, our nation elected Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. The next day, newspapers across America – and around the world – documented this historical event with splashy photos and heavy type. There are very few instances in which setting type larger than 48 points is justified. There are very few instances in which running a single word as large as possible on a page is permitted. There are very few instances in which stretching a photo the length and breadth of the page is even considered.

But on these rare occasions, from war declarations to tragic mournings to monumental elections, newspapers pull out all the stops to commemorate the moment.

Continue reading ‘Publishing History’

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