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Waiting on Wal-Mart

Brian Brown, ReporterMark your calendars for Feb. 11. This is the day a public hearing will be held on Bentonville, Ark-based Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s plans to bring a fifth Neighborhood Market to town. Continue reading ‘Waiting on Wal-Mart’

Bistro Market has charm, but will it last?

Geoff Pickle, Web Editor

If there’s one word I would use up-front to describe the Bistro Market downtown, it’s panache. The place is immediately eye-catching, and its many glass windows facing Walnut and South all but beg passersby to enter.

And enter, they have. Since the Price Cutter urban market opened Aug. 20, crowds have rushed the place, eager for a brand new experience.
Continue reading ‘Bistro Market has charm, but will it last?’

Trim the Fat: Tidbits from the food and fitness scene

Maria Hoover, SBJ Features EditorMaria’s weight change: +2 pounds last week; 0 pounds total

Since launching this Trim the Fat blog in January, I’ve become the SBJ blogger on all things food- or fitness-related. No secret that I love food or that I’d like to be more fit, although I’m far from expert in either.
Some tidbits I receive make it into the blog, and others are simply read and digested.

Here are a few recent contenders I’d like to share. Continue reading ‘Trim the Fat: Tidbits from the food and fitness scene’

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