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Ladies lunching: Annual event showcases area’s Most Influential Women

Emily Letterman, Features Editor
It is said behind every great man, there is a great women. In Springfield, those women are right out front.

The Springfield Business Journal hosted the 14th annual Most Influential Women event Oct. 18, honoring 20 of the Ozarks’ best, brightest and most influential ladies. Continue reading ‘Ladies lunching: Annual event showcases area’s Most Influential Women’

Too much of a good thing: Pumpkin spice overload

Emily Letterman, Features Editor
Pumpkin is having a banner year.

Despite our proximity to Halloween, I’m not referring to the simple orange globes adorning most front porch stoops these days, but rather the combination of the winter squash and one seemingly magical word – spice.

The word spice is the best thing to happen to a food since the invention of the bread slicer. Continue reading ‘Too much of a good thing: Pumpkin spice overload’

Yellow and blue make green: Ikea plans geothermal project for KC-area store

Emily Letterman, Features Editor

As if I didn’t love Swedish mega-retailer Ikea enough already, when the press release, “Ikea Merriam plans state’s largest geothermal project,” showed up in my inbox this week – my environmentally-friendly heart melted a little bit more.

No pun intended. Continue reading ‘Yellow and blue make green: Ikea plans geothermal project for KC-area store’

Route 66 is just one reason why ‘Missouri is Awesome’

Emily Letterman, Features Editor
I’ve never donated to a crowdfunding site, but I think I’m about to. I’ve twice opined on Springfield’s connection to the iconic Route 66 –  once on SBJ’s print pages and again on this blog –  and with this post I make my love of the Mother Road known for a third time. Continue reading ‘Route 66 is just one reason why ‘Missouri is Awesome’’

EIA: Congratulations Bill and happy 33rd birthday SBJ!

Emily Letterman, Features Editor

There was a grand celebration in Springfield last night.

Friends, family, colleagues and business partners came together at the Ramada Plaza Hotel & Oasis Convention Center to talk, laugh, eat and raise a glass to 14 hardworking companies and organizations across the Ozarks – and one special man. Continue reading ‘EIA: Congratulations Bill and happy 33rd birthday SBJ!’

My Day with the Beer Baron

Emily Letterman, Features Editor

If I were a betting woman, I would have laid money on the idea that if I spent a day with Springfield beer baron Jeff Schrag, at some point, he would offer me a beer.

I would have won that bet and, had I not been on assignment, I would have happily taken that beer, or two, or three he offered. Continue reading ‘My Day with the Beer Baron’

Dynamic Dozen companies showcase Ozarks’ spirit

Emily Letterman, Features Editor

Walking away from last night’s Springfield Business Journal Dynamic Dozen event, I left with a sense of pride in our community and the feeling everything was going to be OK.

Honoring six individuals and the 12 fastest-growing companies in the Ozarks, the event aims to salute business progress and spurs on healthy competition as we count down to the No. 1 company. But more than the awards, it was the words of the honorees that struck me.

In a recession, growth is rare, but it’s not unheard of. The men and women who took the stage at the DoubleTree Hotel last night know that. They know you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it and they know how hard they worked to achieve their goals. Continue reading ‘Dynamic Dozen companies showcase Ozarks’ spirit’

40 Under 40: We came, we honored, we partied

Emily Letterman, Features Editor
Any event that includes a macaroni and cheese martini bar is a success.

Last nights’ 15th annual Springfield Business Journal 40 Under 40 awards program was a success. Continue reading ’40 Under 40: We came, we honored, we partied’

The first lady in the Queen City

Emily Letterman, Features Editor
When the official hashtag for the day is #FLOTUSsgf, you know it’s going to be a long day in the office.

I first “met” Michelle Obama when she introduced then presidential candidate Barack Obama before a crowd of more than 10,000 supporters at Parkview High School during his 2008 campaign stop. Continue reading ‘The first lady in the Queen City’

CMYK: SBJ staff gets behind-the-scenes look at printing plant

Emily Letterman, Features Editor
Journalists bleed CMYK.

The basic building blocks of all printed products – cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink – can’t be replaced by a collection of pixels on a screen.

I’m no stranger to mobile devices. In fact, I consume more news each morning via my iPad than during the remaining hours of the day combined, but the format is out of necessity, not desire.

Continue reading ‘CMYK: SBJ staff gets behind-the-scenes look at printing plant’

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