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My Day with All Four

Wes Hamilton, SBJ photographerUnlike the reporters of the Springfield Business Journal newsroom who I tag along with, as a photographer, I get to experience all four days in the life firsthand. Continue reading ‘My Day with All Four’

My Day with the Retailer on the Move

Brian Brown, ReporterNot long after I met Meghan Chambers – owner of upscale women’s clothing store Staxx and children’s clothing shop Jellybeans – it occurred to me that Springfield Business Journal was getting unique access into what has to be one of the most hectic days for a retailer: the day before opening day. Continue reading ‘My Day with the Retailer on the Move’

Cigarette-smoking Stack played it cool at Joann’s

Eric Olson, SBJ EditorThere was a time when Springfield manufacturing and business-management guru Jack Stack was a 37-year-old, cigarette-smoking, pool-playing regular at Joann’s Expressway Lounge. And some of that time was spent on the clock, while Stack and other senior managers mingled with line workers of Springfield Remanufacturing Corp.

Oh, those were the days.

Continue reading ‘Cigarette-smoking Stack played it cool at Joann’s’

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