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Which country provides the best Netflix experience?

Geoff Pickle, Web EditorNetflix’s home country is far from the most desirable place to use the TV and movie streaming service, according to the company’s own projections. Continue reading ‘Which country provides the best Netflix experience?’

NASA tweets fall victim to shutdown

Geoff Pickle, Web EditorAmid federal worker furloughs, small-business loan delays and stock market uncertainty, NASA tweets may seem trivial. But it’s the latest of woes for the sorely underfunded agency. Continue reading ‘NASA tweets fall victim to shutdown’

Population clock ticking

Brian Brown, ReporterWhile I was still a student at Missouri State, I saw a video that scared the life out of me. I don’t remember the name, or even the class where I saw it (Biology 101, perhaps?), but I remember well its effect. Continue reading ‘Population clock ticking’

‘Fiscal cliff’ goes by many different names

Brian Brown, ReporterIn reporting on the “fiscal cliff,” and by using that descriptor, is the media overstepping its role and doing more harm than good? Perhaps. As it turns out, the cliff goes by a variety of names, including fiscal obstacle course, fiscal slope, fiscal whatchamacallit, debtpocalypse, and my favorite: Fiscal Clifford the Big Red Dog. Continue reading ‘‘Fiscal cliff’ goes by many different names’

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