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FD’s Grill House of magical wonder

Brian Brown, Reporter
The words just flow off the digital page: “Jared Enterprises,” “being constructed,” and “nearest location.”

So intriguing.

How about this line: “The restaurant’s menu would feature a range of blackened, fried and grilled fish options, as well as steaks, burgers, ribs, pies and salads.”

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Netflix index sheds light on ISP speeds

Geoff Pickle, Web EditorHow can one go about watching episodes of “Mad Men” more quickly? How about the upcoming, Netflix-only release of the fourth season of “Arrested Development” when it hits the Web on May 26?

Well, you could hope Google throws you a bone. Continue reading ‘Netflix index sheds light on ISP speeds’

Bing It On Google

Geoff Pickle, Web EditorIn an advertising campaign reminiscent of the Pepsi Challenge taste test, Microsoft has taken on Google in a battle of the search engines. Continue reading ‘Bing It On Google’

What happened to Google today?

Geoff Pickle, Web EditorWhere did my Wikipedia go? What’s up with Google? Why can’t I get on Craigslist? Continue reading ‘What happened to Google today?’

Make Google work for you

Dee Dee Jacobs, SBJ Web EditorMuch good can be said about the assortment of free services that Google offers, and Google Alerts is no exception.

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