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Multibillion-dollar tech firms not immune to misinformation

Zach Smith, ReporterIf you’ve ever posted information to the Internet that wasn’t 100 percent accurate, don’t beat yourself up too much. Even multibillion-dollar tech corporations have their flubs.
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Bass Pro, the Video Game – Take 2

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ Web EditorFor those who thought the hunting season only lasts a few months a year, think again.

Bass Pro Shops has returned to the video game arena with “Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt” for the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. The game is a hunting-themed follow-up to the retailer’s fishing-themed “Bass Pro Shops: The Strike,” released in October.

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Mizzou students get iPhone recognition

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ ReporterIn another reminder of college students being much smarter about technology than I am, four students from the University of Missouri had their iPhone application recognized at Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference in California last week.

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Make Google work for you

Dee Dee Jacobs, SBJ Web EditorMuch good can be said about the assortment of free services that Google offers, and Google Alerts is no exception.

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Business Expo 2008 continues

Maria Hoover, SBJ Features EditorEconomic downturn or not, the vendors at Business Expo 2008 are serious about enticing customers. SBJ Circulation Director Diana Weber and I stopped at OTC for another spin-n-win game. There are lots of these, so I’m sensing a theme of sorts.

I walked away with a nice candy-filled mug (good thing, ’cause my kids NEED more sugar!) and Diana snagged a $50 credit for a class. She’s pretty excited; she says she never wins anything.

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Live from Business Expo 2008

Maria Hoover, SBJ Features EditorHaving just arrived at the Business Expo, going on until 7 p.m. today at the Springfield Expo Center, I’m already noticing a brisk pickup in foot traffic.

SBJ’s booth this year has four separate areas, and I’ve got a pretty good view of things from the “office desk.” Across the way is Doug Pitt’s ServiceWorld Computer Center, and it’s good to see that Pitt is practicing what he preaches. In the Sept. 29-Oct. 6 issue, Pitt told SBJ that the Expo is a great time for business owners to get out, work the booth and connect with the public.

Now I’m off to discover what this year’s Expo holds, and to restock my “story ideas” folder for upcoming issues.

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