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Dynamic Earth sale presents case study for when and how

Eric Olson, SBJ EditorMatt O’Reilly presents a good case study for knowing when and how to sell a business. Continue reading ‘Dynamic Earth sale presents case study for when and how’

My Day with the Retailer on the Move

Brian Brown, ReporterNot long after I met Meghan Chambers – owner of upscale women’s clothing store Staxx and children’s clothing shop Jellybeans – it occurred to me that Springfield Business Journal was getting unique access into what has to be one of the most hectic days for a retailer: the day before opening day. Continue reading ‘My Day with the Retailer on the Move’

Winning the ‘Duck Dynasty’ lotto

Brian Brown, ReporterThis holiday season, the Robertsons must be “Happy Happy Happy.” Even if you’ve never seen A&E’s reality show “Duck Dynasty,” odds are you are familiar with the brand. Continue reading ‘Winning the ‘Duck Dynasty’ lotto’

Furnishing joy: IKEA plans KC-area store for 2014

Emily Letterman, Features Editor

Each morning I grab my shoes out of Stahl, turn off Kroby and grab my coffee from Omar on the way out the door.

Sound weird?

That’s because it’s Swedish – well, sort of. Continue reading ‘Furnishing joy: IKEA plans KC-area store for 2014’

Billboard calls out Bass Pro

Geoff Pickle, Web Editor
Not getting through to a potential client? Why not take out a billboard and ask them publicly?

That’s exactly what Flower Mound, Texas-based Ivie & Associates Inc. has done on an East Kearney Street billboard near U.S. Highway 65. Continue reading ‘Billboard calls out Bass Pro’

Mutual fund with ORLY stock loses Kiplinger luster

Eric Olson, SBJ EditorA mutual fund that counts O’Reilly Automotive Inc. among its largest holdings has dropped out of the Kiplinger 25.

Continue reading ‘Mutual fund with ORLY stock loses Kiplinger luster’

Barron’s: Maintenance mode favors O’Reilly Automotive

Matt Wagner, SBJ ReporterBarron’s recently ran an article explaining why O’Reilly Automotive Inc. may very well outperform its competitors this year and see its stock price jump as much as 50 percent.

Continue reading ‘Barron’s: Maintenance mode favors O’Reilly Automotive’

Whatever happened to Thanksgiving anyway?

Maria Hoover, SBJ Features EditorAs we welcome the month of December, and I try to figure out what’s left to buy on my Christmas list, I find that I’m wistful for another holiday – one that increasingly is overshadowed by the special days that precede and follow it.

Is it just me, or do retailers move from Halloween straight to Christmas music and eye-catching displays that remind us just how many shopping days are left until Dec. 25?

I just wonder what happened to Thanksgiving. It is still a national holiday, but it seems harder to remember that every year. Turkey, stuffing and family gatherings on the fourth Thursday of November are, it would seem, less important than getting the “best deals ever” on the pseudo-holiday dubbed Black Friday.

Continue reading ‘Whatever happened to Thanksgiving anyway?’

Short Circuit at Circuit City

Jeremy Elwood, SBJ ReporterThe drop in overall discretionary spending has claimed another victim.

Publicly traded Circuit City Inc. (NYSE: CC) announced today that it’s closing 155 U.S. locations, including four in Missouri. Springfield survived the cutback, though three stores in the Kansas City area and one in Ferguson, as well as one in Fayetteville, Ark., weren’t so lucky.

Continue reading ‘Short Circuit at Circuit City’

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