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EIA: A night to remember

Emily Letterman, Features EditorLast night was one for the record books.

Last night was special.

Last night we honored Springfield business.

Last night we saw Johnny Morris tear up at the microphone.

Last night Springfield Business Journal celebrated 35 years and counting.

If you missed last night’s Economic Impact Awards, you missed one helluva party. Continue reading ‘EIA: A night to remember’

A look back at Year One

Brian Brown, ReporterThe year was 1980. American athletes missed the summer Olympics in the Soviet Union. The Iran hostage crisis was regularly featured in the nightly news – on three network channels – and classics such as “Caddyshack” and “The Empire Strikes Back” were on the big screen. Continue reading ‘A look back at Year One’

The Johnny Morris EIA Interview

Eric Olson, SBJ EditorThere stood Johnny Morris shoulder to shoulder with Bass Pro Shops’ flagship store manager Mickey Black. On the store’s centerpiece staircase, they were reviewing a Fourth of July message going out to customers two days before America’s annual independence celebration. Swarms of people passed by and circled around, maybe even brushed against Morris, the man whose visions over four decades created today’s atmosphere.

Continue reading ‘The Johnny Morris EIA Interview’

Need funding? Join the crowd

Zach Smith, Reporter

Someone has an idea for the next big something, but they don’t have the money to invest into the project to make it possible. Where do they turn? Continue reading ‘Need funding? Join the crowd’

A Day in the Life in Video

Eric Olson, SBJ EditorThe concept of the Day in the Life series is to take readers behind the scenes. This year, Springfield Business Journal photographer Wes Hamilton added another dimension to the coverage.

Continue reading ‘A Day in the Life in Video’

My Day with the Mayor

Zach Smith, ReporterI can’t say I knew what to expect for my first Day in the Life feature at Springfield Business Journal, although the concept seemed pretty straightforward: spend a day with real estate agent and Branson Mayor Karen Best. I had interviewed a few mayors before, but hadn’t really “shadowed” anyone since my junior year of high school. Maybe not knowing what to expect was, pardon the pun, best. Continue reading ‘My Day with the Mayor’

My Day with the Ad Man

Brian Brown, Reporter

Michael Stelzer is a pretty interesting dude. Yes, “dude” is informal, but after spending a day following him around, it somehow feels like a fitting tag.

Continue reading ‘My Day with the Ad Man’

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